Aaa Auto Club Insurance – A Honest Review

Aaa Auto Club Insurance – A Honest Review

Aaa Auto Club Insurance: AAA car insurance is offered through its regional clubs in most states, providing standard coverage options that are common among insurance companies. Depending on your regional club, you may also have access to additional choices such as accident forgiveness and usage-based insurance.

Aaa Auto Club Insurance

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  1. Regional clubs are present in over 30 states and receive collision repair ratings of B- or higher from automotive professionals.
  2. Complaint levels for the Auto Club of Southern California, which is available in 13 states, are lower than the industry average.
  3. You can opt for add-on coverage options like accident forgiveness, diminishing deductible, and gap insurance, depending on your regional club.


  1. Rates for safe drivers may be relatively high compared to leading competitors, and this cost discrepancy depends on your regional club.
  2. Some types of discounts may not be accessible through your regional club.

AAA provides auto insurance coverage nationally through a federation of 32 motor clubs and over 1,000 branch offices across North America. Established in 1902, AAA offers a wide range of services, including automotive, travel, and insurance solutions to millions of members in the United States and Canada. AAA car insurance is available to both AAA members and non-members, subject to state regulations.

AAA Car Insurance is organized into regional clubs, and the available coverage options differ based on your location. To determine the offerings in your area, you can visit AAA’s website and enter your ZIP code to access your regional club’s webpage.

Aaa Auto Club Insurance

AAA Car Insurance Regional Clubs:

  • Auto Club Enterprises: Serving states like Alabama, California, Illinois, Louisiana, and more.
  • CSAA Insurance Group: Providing coverage in the District of Columbia and states like California, Colorado, Nevada, and more.
  • The Auto Club Group: Serving regions including Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, and others.

Coverage Types:

AAA car insurance provides several core coverage types, including:

  1. Liability Car Insurance: Covers injuries and property damage in the event of an accident you cause.
  2. Comprehensive Insurance: Pays for damage from events such as fires, theft, and animal collisions.
  3. Collision Insurance: Covers repair or replacement of your vehicle after an accident, regardless of fault.
  4. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Insurance: Provides additional coverage if you’re hit by an uninsured or underinsured driver.
  5. Personal Injury Protection (PIP): Required in no-fault states, it covers medical bills for accident-related injuries.
  6. Medical Payments Insurance: Covers medical expenses for injuries from an accident.

AAA Car Insurance Costs vs. Competitors:

AAA car insurance costs vary depending on your location and driving history. It’s crucial to compare rates with leading competitors like Geico, Progressive, Allstate, and State Farm to find the most suitable option.

Auto Insurance Complaints and Collision Repair Grades:

AAA regional clubs have varying complaint levels and collision repair grades, so it’s essential to take these factors into account when selecting your coverage. Some regional clubs, such as MemberSelect Insurance Co., Interinsurance Exchange, and CSAA Insurance Exchange, have below-average complaint levels.

Accident Forgiveness, New Car Replacement, Gap Insurance, and Diminishing Deductible:

  • AAA offers accident forgiveness, new car replacement, gap insurance, and diminishing deductible, but availability may vary depending on your regional club.
  • Accident forgiveness prevents rate increases after an accident.
  • New car replacement covers the cost of a new vehicle following a total loss.
  • Gap insurance bridges the gap between the insurance payout and your vehicle’s outstanding balance.
  • Diminishing deductible reduces your deductible for each claim-free policy term.

SR-22, Usage-Based Insurance, Pay-Per-Mile Insurance, and Rideshare Insurance:

  • AAA provides SR-22 certificates, but availability varies by regional club.
  • AAADrive is a usage-based insurance program offering discounts based on driving behavior.
  • AAA does not offer pay-per-mile insurance but provides rideshare insurance for drivers working with companies like Lyft and Uber.

Auto Insurance Discounts:

AAA offers various discounts, including those for safe driving, student achievement, multi-policy bundles, and more. The availability of these discounts may vary by regional club.

Partnership with Hyundai:

AAA has joined forces with Hyundai to offer insurance coverage for Hyundai vehicles targeted by thieves. This partnership extends to Hyundai owners in most states, with the exception of Alaska, Massachusetts, and Washington.

Other Insurance Offerings:

In addition to car insurance, AAA provides a variety of insurance options, including boat and RV insurance, business insurance, earthquake insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance, motorcycle insurance, renters insurance, and umbrella insurance.

AAA Insurance Mobile App:

The AAA mobile app, available for both Android and iPhone, allows users to access digital AAA cards, locate nearby gas stations, manage their car insurance policies, request roadside assistance, and access AAA discounts and travel benefits.


The rates provided are based on a 40-year-old female driver with a clean driving record insuring a new Toyota RAV4, with specified coverage details, such as liability coverage, uninsured motorist coverage, and deductible options. These rates are indicative and may vary based on individual factors and regional clubs.

Aaa Auto Club Insurance

What Exactly Does AAA Cover?

AAA, or the American Automobile Association, is a well-known organization that offers various services and benefits to its members, primarily related to automotive and travel assistance.

The exact coverage and services provided by AAA can vary based on the specific membership level and the region in which you are a member.

However, I can provide a general overview of the types of services and coverage typically offered by AAA:

1. Roadside Assistance

This is one of the most well-known AAA services. It includes services such as towing, battery jump-starts, flat tire repair, lockout assistance, and fuel delivery if you run out of gas. The specifics may vary depending on your membership level.

2. Travel Discounts

AAA members often receive discounts on travel-related services and products, including hotels, rental cars, cruises, and vacation packages.

3. Emergency Services

AAA provides emergency assistance in case of accidents or vehicle breakdowns, which may include dispatching a tow truck or providing help with minor repairs on the spot.

4. Trip Planning and Maps

AAA offers trip planning services, maps, and travel guides to help you plan your trips and navigate unfamiliar areas.

5. Insurance

AAA offers various insurance options, including auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance, which members can purchase separately.

6. DMV Services

Some AAA branches offer DMV-related services, such as vehicle registration and driver’s license renewal, to help members save time at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

7. Discounts and Rewards

AAA members may receive discounts on a wide range of products and services, such as shopping, dining, entertainment, and more. These discounts can vary by region and may change over time.

8. Travel Assistance

AAA provides assistance to travelers, such as travel emergency funds, lost luggage assistance, and access to travel professionals who can help with trip planning and booking.

  1. Identity Theft Protection: Some AAA memberships offer identity theft protection services to help safeguard your personal information and financial security.
  2. Financial Services: AAA may offer financial products and services, such as auto loans, credit cards, and travel money cards.

What Is AAA Membership?

AAA stands for the American Automobile Association. It is a federation of motor clubs throughout North America, with each club serving a specific region or territory.

AAA is a non-profit organization that provides various services to its members, primarily related to automotive travel and leisure. These services typically include:

1. Roadside Assistance

One of the primary benefits of AAA membership is roadside assistance. Members can call for help if they experience car trouble, such as a flat tire, dead battery, or if they run out of fuel. AAA will send a service vehicle to assist the member.

2. Travel Services

AAA provides travel planning services, including booking hotels, flights, car rentals, and vacation packages. They also offer maps, tour books, and travel guides to help members plan their trips.

3. Discounts and Rewards

AAA members can often enjoy discounts at various retailers, restaurants, and entertainment venues. These discounts may include savings on movie tickets, theme park admission, and more.

4. Insurance Services

Many AAA clubs offer insurance products, including auto insurance, home insurance, and life insurance, to their members.

5. Financial Services

Some AAA clubs provide financial services, such as vehicle loans, credit cards, and banking products.

6. Member Benefits

Membership in AAA typically includes access to member benefits and services, such as identity theft protection, travel insurance, and passport photos.

7. Advocacy and Roadside Safety

AAA is also involved in advocating for road safety and related issues. They provide information and resources on safe driving and promote initiatives to reduce accidents and improve road infrastructure.

Aaa Auto Club Insurance

Who Is Known For Cheapest Car Insurance?

The cost of car insurance can vary widely depending on factors such as your location, driving history, the type of car you drive, and the coverage you need. There is no single insurance company that is universally known as the “cheapest” for everyone, as what is considered cheap or affordable can be highly individual.

To find the cheapest car insurance for your specific circumstances, it’s important to shop around and obtain quotes from multiple insurance companies. Some well-known insurance companies in the United States that are often considered for their competitive rates include:

  1. GEICO
  2. Progressive
  3. State Farm
  4. Allstate
  5. USAA (if eligible, as it primarily serves military members and their families)

However, the cost of insurance can also be influenced by regional factors, so a company that is the cheapest in one state may not be the cheapest in another.

It’s advisable to use online comparison tools, work with independent insurance agents, or contact insurance companies directly to get personalized quotes and determine which one offers the most affordable coverage for your needs.

Remember that while price is important, you should also consider the level of coverage and the quality of service provided by the insurer when making your decision.

Aaa Auto Club Insurance

How Does AAA Work?

AAA (American Automobile Association) is a federation of motor clubs throughout North America, providing various services to its members, including insurance.

AAA insurance works in a manner similar to other insurance companies, but with a focus on providing benefits and discounts to AAA members. Here’s an overview of how AAA insurance works:

1. Membership

To access AAA insurance products, you typically need to be a member of AAA. AAA membership offers a range of benefits, including roadside assistance, travel services, and insurance options.

2. Insurance Products

AAA offers various types of insurance, including auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, and more. Members can choose the type of insurance coverage that suits their needs.

3. Customized Coverage

AAA insurance offers customizable coverage options. You can work with a AAA agent to tailor your insurance policy to your specific needs. This might include choosing coverage limits, deductibles, and optional coverage features.

4. Discounts

AAA members often benefit from discounts on their insurance policies. These discounts can apply to auto insurance premiums and other insurance types. Membership can provide savings on insurance costs.

5. Claims Process

In the event of an accident or a covered loss, you would file a claim with AAA insurance. The claims process typically involves reporting the incident, providing necessary documentation, and working with AAA to assess the damage and determine coverage.

6. Customer Service

AAA is known for its customer service, and this extends to its insurance services. You can contact AAA representatives for assistance with policy inquiries, claims, and any other insurance-related questions.

7. Financial Stability

AAA insurance, like other insurance providers, is regulated and required to maintain financial stability to meet its policyholder obligations. This ensures that the company can fulfill its commitments to policyholders.

8. Optional Add-Ons

Depending on the type of insurance policy you have with AAA, you may have the option to add coverage enhancements or endorsements. These can include coverage for rental cars, roadside assistance, or additional protection for your home.

9. Premium Payments

You will be required to pay regular premiums to maintain your insurance coverage. AAA typically offers various payment options, including annual, semi-annual, or monthly payments.

10. Renewals

Your insurance policy with AAA will have a specific term (usually one year). At the end of each term, you can renew your policy, and AAA may adjust your premiums based on your claims history and other factors.