How Asurion Works

How Asurion Works

How Asurion Works: In an era dominated by technology, the dependence on electronic devices has never been greater. From smartphones to laptops, these devices have become integral to our daily lives.

Asurion steps into this landscape as a reliable ally, offering protection and support services that go beyond the standard warranties.

In this article, we’ll unravel the inner workings of Asurion, shedding light on how it safeguards and supports your valuable gadgets.

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Understanding Asurion

At its core, Asurion operates on a fundamental principle: safeguarding your electronic devices comprehensively. Let’s delve into the key components of how Asurion accomplishes this mission.

1. Device Coverage

Asurion provides coverage for a broad spectrum of electronic devices, including but not limited to smartphones, tablets, laptops, and even smartwatches. This expansive coverage ensures that users can consolidate the protection of all their essential gadgets under a single, comprehensive plan.

2. Insurance Plans

a. Types of Plans

Asurion offers diverse plans tailored to meet different needs:

  • Device Replacement Plans: These plans encompass scenarios such as accidental damage, loss, or theft. In the event of any of these mishaps, Asurion facilitates the replacement of the damaged or lost device.
  • Extended Warranty Plans: Going beyond the standard manufacturer’s warranty, these plans provide an additional layer of coverage, protecting against unforeseen technical glitches or malfunctions.

b. Customization

Recognizing that the protection needs of users may vary, Asurion allows for plan customization. Users can tailor their plans based on specific requirements, ensuring that they pay for precisely the level of protection they need.

Filing a Claim with Asurion

One of the standout features of Asurion is its user-friendly and streamlined claims process. Here’s a detailed breakdown of how users can file a claim:

1. Contact Asurion

When an issue arises, users have multiple avenues to get in touch with Asurion. Whether through the official website, dedicated mobile app, or the customer service hotline, assistance is readily available.

2. Provide Details

Upon contacting Asurion, users will need to provide specific details regarding the issue. This may include information about the type of damage incurred, the circumstances of a loss, or details about a malfunction.

3. Evaluation and Approval

Once the claim is submitted, Asurion’s expert team evaluates the provided information. If the claim is approved, the user is guided through the next steps, which may involve the swift replacement or repair of the affected device.

Benefits of Asurion

1. Peace of Mind

The primary benefit of opting for Asurion’s services is the peace of mind it offers. Users can go about their daily lives with the assurance that their devices are shielded against a myriad of potential risks.

2. Convenience

Asurion prioritizes convenience throughout the entire process. From the simplicity of the claims process to the quick resolution of issues, users find Asurion to be a convenient choice, especially when considering the integral role their devices play in their lives.

How Does An Asurion Claim Work?

Dealing with the loss or damage of your smartphone can be incredibly frustrating. Statistics show that 1 in 5 individuals will encounter the unfortunate event of losing, having their phone stolen, or facing damage this year.

Hence, having protection for your mobile device becomes crucial. Asurion offers a hassle-free solution for filing a claim to quickly replace your phone.

Filing a Claim Online

To initiate the process using your laptop, simply file your claim online. Asurion has streamlined the process, making it easy for you to provide essential details such as your carrier, device make and model, a description of the incident, billing and shipping addresses, and payment information for the deductible.

Once the device claim is submitted, expect an email containing shipping and tracking details for your replacement laptop.

Contrary to a common misconception about the complexity of claiming insurance for handheld devices, Asurion ensures a straightforward and swift experience. Remarkably, Asurion dispatches an impressive 96% of replacement devices the very next day.

Tracking Your Replacement

Keep tabs on your claim’s progress by checking its status online 24/7. It’s reassuring to know that the replacement process is underway and that your new laptop is on its way.

Asurion understands the urgency in getting you back up and running with a functioning device, and they prioritize efficiency throughout the entire process.

Discover Your Phone After Reporting?

In the event that you locate your lost phone after reporting it, you may have the option to cancel your claim. Contact Asurion with your claim ID or the wireless number linked to the device.

Note that the ability to cancel a claim is subject to the terms and conditions of the policy you purchased. Typically, policies allow for cancellations if reported within a specific timeframe, so be sure to review the details of your policy for clarification.


Asurion’s claim process is designed with the customer in mind, aiming for simplicity and speed. In the unfortunate event of a lost, stolen, or damaged phone, knowing the steps to file a claim can make the situation much more manageable.

With Asurion, the emphasis is on getting you reconnected as quickly as possible, so you can go back to using your device with minimal disruption.

What Services Does Asurion Provide?

Below are the services provided by Asurion:

1. Device Protection Plans

Asurion offers protection plans for smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices. These plans typically cover accidental damage, loss, theft, and malfunctions beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

2. Tech Help and Support

Asurion provides technical support services to help customers troubleshoot and resolve issues with their electronic devices. This includes assistance with setup, software issues, and general technical support.

3. Home Appliance Protection

Asurion provides protection plans for home appliances, covering repair or replacement in the event of mechanical breakdowns or failures.

4. Roadside Assistance

Some plans include roadside assistance services, such as battery replacement, tire changes, and towing, for vehicles.

5. Identity Theft Protection

Asurion offers services to help protect against identity theft, including monitoring for suspicious activities and providing assistance in case of identity theft.

6. Credit Monitoring

Some plans include credit monitoring services, helping customers keep track of changes to their credit reports.

How Much Does Asurion Cost Per Month?

How Much Does Asurion Cost Per Month

Asurion, a leading provider of protection plans, presents a variety of coverage options tailored to safeguard your valuable assets.

Let’s explore these plans in detail, underscoring the importance of thorough research to find the most suitable one for your individual needs.

1. Smartphone Protection

Asurion’s comprehensive smartphone protection plan is an all-encompassing solution for those seeking to safeguard their devices from a range of potential issues.

From cracked screens to theft or loss, this plan addresses common concerns faced by smartphone users. With a reasonable starting cost of $9.99 per month, it offers an affordable option for individuals seeking peace of mind.

However, it’s crucial to be aware of specific requirements and limitations. Phones must be registered within 30 days of activation or upgrade, and claims are generally limited to 2 or 3 per 12 months.

Notably, accidental damage from handling may not always be covered, and conditions can vary based on the retailer and your phone’s model.

Additionally, deductibles and fees are subject to variation depending on your phone provider, retailer, and the specific model of your device.

2. Asurion Home+

For those aiming to protect their home tech items, Asurion Home+ offers a comprehensive plan covering mechanical and electrical malfunctions.

The package includes live tech support, in-home setups, installations, data protection, and video/photo storage. Starting at $24.99 per month, this plan provides a robust defense against unexpected issues with home devices.

Coverage limits are set at $2,000 per approved claim, with a maximum of $5,000 within a 12-month period. However, it’s essential to be aware of additional restrictions that may apply based on the retailer and the specific item being covered. Users can expect a service fee of up to $99 plus tax for each approved claim.

3. Asurion Appliance+

Addressing mechanical and electrical failures in major household appliances, Asurion Appliance+ offers coverage starting at $34.99 per month.

This plan extends coverage up to $5,000 per 12 months, exclusively for appliances under 20 years old. It’s important to note that this plan does not safeguard against theft or loss.

In the event of an approved Asurion appliance repair, replacement, or reimbursement, users should anticipate a service fee of $99 plus tax. While the cost may appear steep, the peace of mind from comprehensive coverage for essential home appliances can be invaluable.

How Long Does It Take Asurion To Send A Replacement Phone?

Waiting for a replacement phone can be an anxious time, but fear not! In this blog post, we’ll explore the ins and outs of Asurion’s replacement phone process and give you the lowdown on how long it takes to get your hands on a shiny new device.

Step 1: Filing Your Claim and Tracking Progress

To kick off the process, submit your claim and keep a close eye on its status online. While your request is under review, the Asurion team of experts will be diligently working behind the scenes. The good news? If a replacement phone is deemed necessary, Asurion ships out 96% of replacement devices the very next day*.

Tips to Expedite Your Claims Process

To ensure a smooth and swift experience, consider these three handy tips:

  1. Provide Accurate Device Information: Double-check that the make and model you provide align with the details on your account or covered by your protection plan.
  2. Match Shipping and Billing Addresses: Avoid unnecessary delays by confirming that your shipping address matches the billing address.
  3. Report Loss or Theft Promptly: If your device is lost or stolen, report it to your carrier before submitting the claim to streamline the process.

Sending Back Your Old Device

In the rare event that you need to send back your old or damaged device, make sure it reaches Asurion within 10-15 days (depending on your contractual agreement) after receiving the replacement. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to return your damaged phone to avoid additional fees.

Real Customer Experiences

Let’s hear from actual customers about their experiences:

Jennifer W. shares, “Setting up a claim for my lost/stolen phone was a breeze. The replacement phone arrived a day earlier than expected, and I was impressed with the service.”

Javier M. adds, “They take care of you quickly, no hassle, a smooth experience. I had my phone the next day! I’m a very happy customer.”


Asurion understands the urgency of keeping you connected. By streamlining the claims process, they aim to get you back to your digital life as quickly as possible. Experience the efficiency of Asurion – your reliable partner in device protection.


In conclusion, Asurion’s modus operandi for device protection revolves around comprehensive coverage, user-friendly processes, and plan customization. By gaining a deeper understanding of how Asurion works, users can make informed decisions to ensure the longevity and uninterrupted functionality of their electronic devices.