Moniepoint Daily Target

Moniepoint Daily Target

Moniepoint Daily Target: In this article, we’ll explore Moniepoint’s daily target program, its functioning, and the advantages it offers.

Moniepoint stands out as a prominent digital financial service provider in Nigeria, offering a variety of services such as money transfers, bill payments, and airtime purchases.

A key highlight of Moniepoint’s services is its daily target program.

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What is Moniepoint Daily Target?

Moniepoint Daily Target is an initiative designed to motivate agents to engage in more transactions on the platform. Agents who meet or surpass their daily transaction target are rewarded with cash bonuses. Moniepoint sets a daily target of ₦70,000, and failing to meet this target at least three times might result in the removal of the POS terminal.

How does Moniepoint Daily Target Work?

To participate in the program, agents need to register with Moniepoint and become authorized agents. Once registered, they are assigned a daily target based on factors like location, level, and performance history.

This target represents the minimum transaction volume required to qualify for a bonus. The program aims to reward agents for increased transactions, covering activities like cash deposits, withdrawals, money transfers, bill payments, and airtime purchases.

Agents can monitor their progress through the Moniepoint dashboard or mobile app, receiving notifications as they approach or exceed their daily target.

Benefits of Moniepoint Daily Target:

The program offers several advantages to agents:

  1. Cash Bonuses: Meeting or surpassing the daily target results in cash bonuses, providing agents with an additional income source.
  2. Increased Revenue: By encouraging more transactions, the program boosts agents’ revenue through higher commissions and bonuses.
  3. Improved Performance: The clear goal set by the program motivates agents to enhance their performance, making them more productive and efficient.
  4. Enhanced Reputation: Consistently meeting or exceeding daily targets builds a positive reputation, leading to satisfied customers and potential referrals.
  5. Access to Training and Support: Agents participating in the program receive additional training and support from Moniepoint, aiding in business growth.

===================================================================Moniepoint’s Daily Target program presents a valuable opportunity for agents to earn extra income and expand their businesses. With clear goals, cash bonuses, and access to support, the program is highly recommended for agents aiming to elevate their business with Moniepoint.

How Much Is Moniepoint Daily Limit?

Moniepoint POS transactions are governed by specific daily limits:

Cash Withdrawal Limit via ATM:

Customers using Moniepoint cards can withdraw a maximum of N100,000 through an Automated Teller Machine (ATM). However, there’s a daily restriction on cash withdrawals, capped at N20,000. This means that on any given day, a customer can withdraw up to N20,000 in cash from an ATM using their Moniepoint card.

Denominations for ATM Withdrawals:

ATMs will only dispense denominations of N200 and below. This implies that the cash available for withdrawal will be in smaller denominations.

Point of Sale (PoS) Transactions Limit:

For transactions made through Point of Sale (PoS) terminals, there is a daily withdrawal limit of N20,000. Customers can either make payments or withdraw up to N20,000 daily through PoS transactions using their Moniepoint card.


It’s crucial to be aware that these daily limits are subject to potential changes or updates by Moniepoint in the future. To stay informed about the latest limits and guidelines, customers and merchants should regularly check Moniepoint’s official website or reach out to their customer support team for the most up-to-date information.

What Is The Commission For Moniepoint Airtime?

What Is The Commission For Moniepoint Airtime

Moniepoint stands as a notable player, providing a range of services that includes money transfers, bill payments, and airtime purchases. For users and agents alike, understanding the commission structures is crucial. In this article, we delve into the specifics of Moniepoint’s airtime commissions to shed light on what users can expect.

Withdrawals: A Clear Picture

When it comes to withdrawals, Moniepoint employs a straightforward commission model. For transactions falling within the range of N1 to N20,000, a flat rate of 0.5% is applied to the transaction amount. This ensures a transparent and easily calculable commission for users accessing their funds within this bracket. However, for transactions surpassing the N20,000 mark, Moniepoint imposes a fixed commission of N100.

Transfers: Simplifying the Process

Moniepoint simplifies the process of fund transfers by applying a flat rate of N20. This uncomplicated approach ensures that users can transfer funds without the burden of intricate commission structures.

Cashback Incentives: Rewarding Transactions

Moniepoint sweetens the deal for Business Owners (BOs) by offering cashback incentives. BOs stand to receive up to N20 cashback on withdrawals and N5 cashback on transfers. This rewarding system adds an extra layer of benefit for agents engaged in these transactions.

Airtime: Navigating the 2% Landscape

For users looking to recharge their mobile devices, Moniepoint charges a commission of 2% across all networks. This consistent rate streamlines the understanding of airtime transactions, allowing users to anticipate and account for the commission seamlessly.

Bill Payments: Commission-Free Convenience

In a user-friendly move, Moniepoint exempts bill payments from any charges. Users engaging in bill payment transactions can enjoy the convenience of settling their bills without incurring additional fees.

Stay Informed, Stay Empowered

Understanding the commission structures is paramount for users and agents navigating the Moniepoint platform.

With a clear breakdown of commissions for withdrawals, transfers, airtime, and the added perks of cashback incentives, users can make informed decisions that align with their financial preferences.

Moniepoint continues to provide a platform that balances transparency and convenience in the realm of digital financial services.

What Is The Daily Target Of Opay?

OPay POS agents receive different daily targets depending on the type of POS device they use. The assigned targets vary for Mobile POS (mPOS), Android-based POS, and traditional analog POS machines.

Specifically, mPOS devices have a set daily target of 10,000 Naira. In contrast, Android-based POS machines come with a higher daily target of 30,000 Naira, while traditional analog OPay POS machines have an even more elevated daily target of 50,000 Naira.

Which POS Machine Does Not Have Target?

Pos agents prioritize the type of terminal they utilize for their business, particularly when it comes to meeting targets. Many agents prefer pos machines with no target requirements, as they tend to avoid those that mandate specific daily, weekly, or monthly goals. Here’s a list of pos machines that don’t impose such targets:

Kudi POS Machine:

For agents seeking a pos with no target obligations, the Kudi terminal is a fitting choice. Despite potentially less attractive charges compared to competitors, its lack of target requirements gives it a competitive edge.

Baxi POS:

Baxi pos stands out as it only requires agents to use the pos regularly, without imposing any specific targets. The charges are reasonable, and agents also receive commissions for additional services such as bill payments.


Another option for those in search of a terminal without target constraints is Paycentre. It offers low charges and doesn’t require agents to meet specific targets.

While the listed terminals excel in network reliability and customer support, it’s essential to note that they may still have occasional downtimes and drawbacks.

What Is The limit For Moniepoint Tier 1?

Moniepoint offers users various tiers to cater to their diverse needs. Each account tier comes with its unique set of rules and transaction limits, ensuring a tailored experience for users. In this article, we unravel the specifics of Moniepoint Tier 1, shedding light on the requirements and limits associated with this entry-level tier.

Tier 1: Getting Started

To initiate the journey on Moniepoint, users enter Tier 1, which is designed for Business Owners. The Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements for this level include BVN verification, liveness verification, submission of residential address, and a signature. For the business aspect, the KYC requirements encompass the business name, business category, sub-category, business description, staff size, source of funds, and business address.

Transaction Limits for Tier 1: Setting Boundaries

As users embark on their Moniepoint venture at Tier 1, certain transaction limits are in place to ensure a secure and controlled environment. These limits include:

  • Single Debit Limit: ₦50,000
  • Daily Debit Limit: ₦200,000
  • Single Credit Limit: ₦500,000
  • Daily Credit Limit: ₦500,000

These limits delineate the boundaries for financial activities within the Moniepoint Tier 1 framework. They are structured to balance accessibility with prudent financial management.

Moving Beyond Tier 1: Progressing through Levels

Moniepoint recognizes the evolving needs of its users and provides avenues for progression through account tiers. As users advance to higher tiers, the transaction limits expand, offering greater flexibility and accommodating more extensive financial engagements.

Conclusion: Navigating the Moniepoint Journey

Understanding the KYC requirements and transaction limits at Tier 1 lays the foundation for a seamless experience on the Moniepoint platform. Users can confidently navigate their financial transactions, knowing the boundaries set by Moniepoint for their security and convenience. As users explore the possibilities within each tier, they can make informed decisions aligned with their evolving financial goals. Stay tuned for more insights as we unravel the details of higher Moniepoint account tiers in future articles.