Mtn Codes For Data

Mtn Codes For Data

Mtn Codes For Data: In our digital age, staying connected is crucial, and having the right data plan can make all the difference. Enter MTN Data bundles – the gateway to seamless internet connectivity tailored to suit various needs.

In this blog post, we will unravel the mysteries surrounding MTN Data bundles, exploring eligibility, subscription options, auto-renewal choices, bonus offers, and much more.

Mtn Codes For Data

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What is an MTN Data Bundle?

An MTN Data bundle is a cost-effective data plan crafted to provide internet access through devices supporting data connectivity. These bundles come in various sizes, measured in bytes, with predetermined prices for specific durations. MTN caters to diverse lifestyles by offering a wide range of data plans.

Who is Eligible to Subscribe to MTN Data Bundles?

The beauty of MTN Data bundles lies in their inclusivity – all MTN customers can seamlessly subscribe to any available data plan.

Different Plans for MTN Data Bundles

MTN Data bundle plans are neatly categorized into Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Bi-monthly, Quarterly, Bi-annually, and Yearly options, ensuring there’s a plan for every preference and lifestyle.

How to Subscribe to MTN Data Bundles

Subscribing to MTN Data bundles is a breeze. You can choose from various channels, including USSD, SMS, myMTN App, myMTN Web, MTN TopIt/VTU, Zigi, Facebook (Mobile Center), Google, and others. The flexibility ensures that you can subscribe using the method that suits you best.

Understanding the Auto-Renewal Options

When activating a data bundle, you might encounter a pop-up menu offering Auto-renewal, One-off, or Buy for a Friend options. Auto-renewal ensures your data bundle renews automatically, One-off means it won’t renew automatically, and Buy for a Friend allows you to share the data bundle with another line.

Managing Your Preferences

If you exit the pop-up menu without selecting an option, your data bundle will default to a One-off purchase. However, fear not – for USSD activation, you can still choose your preferred option before proceeding.

Modifying Your Choices

Should you wish to change from One-off to Auto-renewal or renew a bundle, simply send R+bundle code to 312. For instance, sending R104 to 312 renews a 100MB daily bundle set on One-off.

Taking Control: Cancelling Auto-Renewal

Flexibility is key, and you can cancel Auto-renewal at any time by sending the opt-out keyword to 312.

Checking Your MTN Data Bundle Balance

Keeping tabs on your data usage is essential. You can easily check your data bundle balance through SMS, USSD, myMTN App, myMTN Web, and Zigi.

Multiple Data Bundles: Yes, You Can!

Activate as many data bundles as you need, each with its unique expiry date. Just keep in mind that the bundle with the least validity will be consumed first.

Depleted Your Bundle? Here’s What to Do

If you exhaust your data bundle before the renewal date, don’t fret. You can purchase another data plan, borrow data, opt for Pay-As-You-Go browsing, or even request data from a friend.

Additional Voice Minutes and Bonus Offers

Certain data plans come with additional voice minutes, allowing calls within Nigeria at a rate of 13k/sec. Moreover, enjoy bonus offers like 4G upgrades, device bonuses, and double data bonuses.

Mtn Codes For Data

Exclusive Benefits: Free YouTube Streaming

Select data plans offer the perk of free data for streaming on YouTube during specific periods, with the validity corresponding to the main data plan.

Rollover: Making the Most of Unused Data

Unused main data bundles can be rolled over by purchasing another data plan from the same category within the specified grace period. However, rollover is not applicable to unused data bonuses.

Data Bundle Transfers and Sharing

Sharing is caring, and you can transfer data from your bundle to another line by dialing 312Phone number*Data amount# or texting TransferPhone numberData amount to 312.

Pay-As-You-Go Browsing: Opting In and Out

If you want to browse from your airtime after exhausting your data bundle, dial 312200#. To opt out of Pay-As-You-Go browsing, dial 312201# or send SUSPEND to 312.

Pay-As-You-Go Charges

Browsing from airtime with Pay-As-You-Go incurs a charge of N3.07/MB.

Checking Data Bundle Validity

Stay informed about your data bundle’s validity and expiry date by texting 2 to 312 (SMS) or dialing 3124# or *310# (USSD).

Mtn Codes For Data

How To Get 1GB For 100 Naira On MTN?

Hey MTN users, brace yourselves for some thrilling news! A game-changing, pocket-friendly data plan has just made its grand entrance into the scene, and it goes by the name of MTN Cheat Code 100 for 1GB. Intrigued? Well, you’re in for a treat as we unravel the details of this exciting offer.

About MTN 100 for 1GB Data Plan

The MTN 100 for 1GB data plan is an exclusive gem that MTN introduces sporadically, and it’s not available to everyone. This plan boasts a generous 1GB (1024MB) of data for a mere ₦100, addressing all your data needs—be it browsing, video streaming, downloads, and more. Dubbed the “cheat code” for its simple activation process, this plan is a quick and easy solution for users looking to stretch their data budget.

Surprise, surprise! MTN has another 1GB for ₦100 data plan designed exclusively for nighttime use. Accessible to all users, this plan can be subscribed to with a sufficient airtime balance, catering to all your data-enabled devices.

How to Activate MTN Cheat Code 100 for 1GB

Now, let’s get to the juicy part—activating the MTN Cheat Code 100 for 1GB. To kickstart the process, make sure you’ve received an SMS from MTN regarding the ₦100 for 1GB data plan offer. Once confirmed, dial *312100# to subscribe to the MTN 1GB for ₦100. It’s crucial to ensure your main MTN balance has at least ₦100 before dialing the activation code. Keep in mind that without the promotional SMS, you might face difficulty subscribing to the plan.

Unlocking the Nighttime Delight: MTN 100 for 1GB Night Data

But wait, there’s more! Another 100 for 1GB data plan exists on MTN, accessible to all users. However, it operates exclusively during the night and follows a tariff-based structure. To subscribe, switch to the MTN Pulse tariff plan by dialing *406#, choose the 500MB for ₦50 option, subscribe, and repeat the process for 1GB at ₦100 on MTN.

Mtn Codes For Data

How to Qualify and Plan Lifespan

Eligibility for the MTN Cheat Code 100 for 1GB is a bit of a mystery—it’s exclusive to selected SIMs, and users receive an eligibility SMS. If you’re not eligible initially, don’t lose hope. Recharge regularly, as it may enhance your chances. For the night plan, simply switch tariff plans on MTN, recharge with ₦100 airtime, and dial the MTN 1GB for ₦100 code to get started.

Concerned about how long the data lasts? After activating the MTN Cheat Code 100 for 1GB, you have approximately 30 days to enjoy the data—it’s a monthly plan. For the MTN night plan 100 for 1GB, you get 7 hours of data, starting from 11 pm to 6 am.

Mtn Codes For Data

Checking Your Balance and FAQs

Worried about keeping tabs on your data usage? To check your MTN 1GB for ₦100 data plan balance, dial *3124# or *312#, reply with option 4 – Check Data Balance. For the MTN ₦100 for 1GB night data plan, dial 40633# or *3106# to check your data balance.

Still have questions? Check out our FAQs for quick answers on how to get 1GB for ₦100 on MTN, which plan offers 1GB for ₦100, the cheat code for MTN 100 for 1GB data plan, and how to subscribe.


As MTN continues to roll out new and exclusive data plans, they remain at the forefront of network providers. This post on the MTN Cheat Code 100 for 1GB should equip you with all the information you need to effortlessly secure 1GB for ₦100 on MTN. Stay connected, stay informed, and make the most of these fantastic data deals!

How Much Is 30GB Of Data MTN?

You can get 30GB for N8,000. This bundle is valid for 60 days.


In conclusion, MTN Data bundles offer a plethora of options, ensuring that you can stay connected on your terms. Whether you’re a daily surfer or a monthly data aficionado, there’s a plan waiting for you. Stay connected, stay informed, and make the most of your digital journey with MTN Data bundles.

Mtn Codes For Data