How To Stop Payu On Airtel

How To Stop Payu On Airtel

How To Stop Payu On Airtel: If you’re an Airtel user in Nigeria, chances are you’ve encountered Payu. Payu is a feature that deducts your airtime for data usage once your data plan is used up. While it can be convenient, it becomes frustrating when you prefer not to use your airtime for data.

For those looking to disable Payu on Airtel, this guide provides the necessary steps. To halt Payu, you’ll need to check your data balance, contact customer service, and monitor your account to ensure the service is deactivated.

Although it may seem challenging, with the right information, the process becomes straightforward. This article will walk you through each step to help you stop Payu on Airtel, allowing you to use your airtime for calls and messages without interruptions.

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Key Points:

  • Payu on Airtel Nigeria automatically deducts airtime for data usage once your data plan is exhausted, potentially leading to unexpected and costly charges.
  • To stop Payu, dial *400 and choose the option to deactivate the service. Disabling Payu won’t impact your ability to browse the internet or use your Airtel data plan.
  • Airtel Nigeria offers various data plans to suit different needs and budgets. Explore data rollover options to carry over unused data to the next month.
  • Regularly monitor data usage and account balance to avoid Payu charges. Contact Airtel customer service for assistance with account or data plan issues and for troubleshooting common Payu problems.

Understanding Payu:

To stop Payu on Airtel in Nigeria, it’s crucial to grasp what Payu is and how it functions. Payu, provided by Airtel, enables users to continue internet browsing after their data bundle is used up. Although seemingly convenient, Payu can lead to higher charges, slower internet speeds, and reduced data allowances.

For those seeking alternatives to Payu benefits, such as purchasing a suitable data bundle, the first step is to check your data balance.

Checking Your Data Balance:

Curious about your remaining data? Dial *140# on your phone to check your balance. This provides details on your current data balance and the expiry date of your data plan.

Tracking data usage and remaining balance is essential to avoid Payu charges. Explore data rollover options to carry over unused data and consider Airtel’s diverse data plans to meet various needs and budgets.

Now, let’s move on to stopping Payu on Airtel.

Stopping Payu on Airtel:

To prevent unexpected charges, disable the automatic data renewal feature by dialing *400# and selecting the option to deactivate Payu. This won’t affect your internet browsing or Airtel data plan but prevents automatic renewal and unexpected charges.

To discontinue the PAYU service using sms, simply send a text message containing the word “STOP” to the Airtel shortcode 344.

For any Airtel account or data plan concerns, don’t hesitate to contact customer service.

Contacting Customer Service:

If you need assistance with your Airtel account or data plan, reaching out to customer service is advisable. They can offer alternatives to Payu and troubleshoot common Payu issues. Airtel’s customer service can be reached via phone, email, or social media.

Ensure you have account information ready when contacting customer service. After resolving the issue, monitor your account to confirm Payu has been stopped.

Monitoring Your Account:

Keep a close eye on your account balance and data usage to ensure Payu has been successfully stopped. Regularly check your data usage through your phone’s tracker or Airtel’s online account portal. This proactive approach helps avoid unexpected charges and confirms Payu cessation.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Stopping Payu Without Customer Service: While alternative solutions can minimize Payu’s impact, complete removal may require contacting customer service.
  • Time for Payu to Stop After Contacting Customer Service: It may take up to 24 hours for Payu to cease after contacting customer service.
  • Using Remaining Data After Stopping Payu: Contact customer service for assistance in retrieving unused data after stopping Payu.
  • Preventing Future Payu Activation: Monitor data usage regularly, set up usage alerts, and consider data management apps to prevent Payu activation.
  • Impact on Other Airtel Services: Stopping Payu won’t affect other services and may improve network speed and reduce data usage.

===================================================================Congratulations on successfully stopping Payu on your Airtel line in Nigeria. Understanding Payu and its workings is vital to avoiding unnecessary charges.

Regularly check your data balance, stay informed about your usage, and explore suitable data plans to make the most of your Airtel subscription.

Staying proactive ensures a seamless internet experience and prevents surprises on your bill.

How Can I Stop Airtel From Deducting My Money?

Are you tired of discovering that your Airtel airtime mysteriously disappears, leaving you feeling like you’re being unfairly charged? You’re not alone in facing this issue, and the good news is that there are practical steps you can take to put a halt to Airtel’s airtime deductions.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore effective strategies to prevent Airtel from deducting your hard-earned money.

Reasons for Airtel Airtime Deductions

Understanding why Airtel deducts your airtime is the first step towards stopping it. Here are some common reasons:

  1. Subscription to Premium Services: Airtel automatically deducts airtime for premium services like Tech News or Caller Tunes on auto-renewal. Learn how to cancel Airtel auto-renewals to regain control.
  2. Airtel Extra Credit: If you’ve taken an Airtel Extra Credit loan, the repayment amount is automatically deducted when you recharge.
  3. Data Bundle Renewal: Automatic deductions occur when your data bundle renews.
  4. Service Charges: Airtel may charge for specific services, such as international calls or premium SMS.

How to Stop Airtel Airtime Deduction

Now, let’s explore effective ways to prevent Airtel from deducting your airtime:

  1. Repay Airtel Extra Credit: If you borrowed airtime or data, it’s automatically deducted upon recharge. Ensure you’ve repaid your loan to stop these deductions.
  2. Activate DND (Do Not Disturb): Send “START” to 2442 to restrict promotional and marketing messages that might lead to unwanted subscriptions.
  3. Cancel Auto-Renewals: Learn how to cancel Airtel auto-renewals to avoid unexpected charges for services you no longer need.
  4. Choose “Stop my Data” Option: When purchasing a data plan, select “Stop my data” to prevent automatic browsing charges.
  5. Contact Airtel Customer Service: Call 300 and request the removal of active services that are deducting your airtime.

Preventing Airtime Deduction for Browsing

If you don’t have an active data plan, Airtel will deduct airtime for browsing. Subscribe to a data plan to opt out automatically. Dial *312# to choose your preferred data bundle and avoid airtime deductions.

Stopping Airtel Pay As You Go (PAYU)

Dial 4001# to disable the PAYU service and prevent common airtime deductions associated with Pay As You Go services.

Stopping Airtel Groom Service

Text “STOP GROOM” to 38043 or dial *305# to deactivate the Groom service. Alternatively, call 300 for assistance in stopping this service.

Airtel Airtime Deduction Without Notification

To stop Airtel deductions without notification, follow these steps:

  1. Dial *305#.
  2. Select Active Services.
  3. Choose a service.
  4. Select the option to remove/disable.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How to Stop Airtel From Deducting Airtime Without Consent?
    Check active subscriptions with *305# and follow the guide to deactivate subscriptions and cancel auto-renewal.
  • How to Stop Airtel From Charging Airtime?
    Cancel auto-renewals and turn off Data PAYU/PayG.
  • Why Is My Airtel Airtime Disappearing?
    Possible reasons include unknown subscriptions or charges for browsing/data. Contact Airtel customer support for assistance.


This guide is designed to empower you to prevent Airtel from deducting your airtime. Unintended subscriptions can lead to deductions, often triggered by tapping on promotional messages.

Stay informed and take control of your Airtel account to avoid unnecessary charges. By following these steps, you can enjoy a more transparent and hassle-free experience with your Airtel services.

How Can I Unsubscribe From Airtel?

How Can I Unsubscribe From Airtel

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where auto-renewal on your Airtel data plan was accidentally activated, or you forgot to choose “One-Off” or “Stop My Data” during subscription, resulting in an unexpected deduction from your main balance? It can be frustrating, impacting your intended use of airtime. If you’ve experienced this discomfort, you’re not alone.

To address this issue, I’ve compiled a set of solutions in this article, offering various ways to disable auto-renewal on Airtel, whether you’re looking to stop it, opt-out, deactivate, or obtain the Airtel auto-renewal deactivation code. Read on to explore each solution.

Understanding Airtel Auto-Renewal:

Airtel auto-renewal is a feature that automatically renews your subscription when it expires, charging your account/line the same amount used for the recently depleted data. While Airtel provides affordable data plans with an option to choose auto-renewal or one-off subscription during purchase, there are instances where auto-renewal is mistakenly activated.

How to Cancel Auto-Renewal on Airtel:

The primary method to avoid auto-renewal inconveniences is to select “One-Off” or “Stop My Data” when initiating a new data subscription. In case you missed this option, here are additional methods to stop auto-renewal on Airtel:

USSD Code Method:

  • Dial *362# or *362*2#.
  • Select option 2 – Opt Out.
  • For specific bundles, use codes like 438100# (Android Bundles) or 408100# (Mega bundles).

SMS Method:

  • Send ‘STOP’ to 312 or ‘STOP AUTO-RENEW’ or ‘STOPAUTORENEW’ to 440.

Customer Care Method:

  • Dial 111 on your phone.
  • Request the customer care representative to cancel your auto-renewal.
  • Confirm your phone number and wait for the request to be processed.

Twitter Method

  • Log in to Twitter and search for ‘airtel_care.’
  • Send a message explaining your issue, including your phone number and the data plan you want to cancel.
  • Wait for a confirmation notification.

Confirming Auto-Renewal Cancellation:

After implementing any of the above methods, Airtel will send a notification confirming the successful cancellation of your auto-renewal. This ensures that you won’t be charged for data renewal unless you initiate it.


  • Code to Cancel Auto-Renewal: Dial 438100#.
  • Airtel Auto-Renewal Deactivation Code: Text ‘STOP’ to 312.
  • Cancel Airtel Auto-Renewal Pack: Dial 3622#.
  • Cancel All Airtel Subscriptions: Dial *362# and select 2 to deactivate auto-renewal for all subscriptions.