Write for Us – Business, E-commerce, Marketing, Career, Mobile Technology & Finance Blog

Write for Us – Business, E-commerce, Marketing, Career, Mobile Technology & Finance Blog

Are you interested in discovering what it takes to contribute to a mobile tech/business blog such as Owerri Mobile Phones?

Is your goal for this year to become a contributor to Owerri Mobile Phones?

If so, now is the perfect moment to expand your audience, enhance your portfolio’s value, and grow your business by writing for us. We are among the top small business blogs that accept guest posts.

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www.OwerriMobilePhones.com offers an opportunity for writers with extensive knowledge in areas such as insurance, e-commerce, marketing, sales, blogging, business ideas, product launches, business tips, career business, artificial intelligence, interviews, mobile technology, publishing, social media, and personal finance to submit their articles for review and potential publication.

Entrepreneurship Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Nevertheless, there are terms and conditions associated with guest posting on this blog. We will disregard and delete an article submitted by a guest blogger or freelance writer for any of the following reasons:

  1. If you are not the original content owner of the material you submitted to us.
  2. If you submitted an article that has already been published elsewhere.
  3. If your article exhibits a harsh tone, promotes racism, or is unrelated to our specialized field.
  4. If it is less than 1,000 words. (Original articles of 1,500 words and above will receive preferential treatment).
  5. If we find that you duplicated a topic that has already been covered on this platform or elsewhere. We prefer unique titles.
  6. If it contains numerous grammatical errors (misspellings, tense misuse, incorrect verb usage, etc.).

We retain the right to accept or reject any article that does not meet our standards.

Note: Currently, OwerriMobilePhones.com does not offer compensation to guest bloggers and freelance writers who publish their articles on this site. However, we pledge to provide author profiles (not exceeding 140 characters) as a means of acknowledging their contributions.

Contact our founder at [dozieamazon@gmail.com].
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Your guest article, sponsored post, or any content you submit should educate our business-oriented audience by offering:

  • Stories
  • Strategies
  • Tips and tricks
  • Solutions
  • Press Releases
  • Answers
  • Advice
  • Analysis and insights

P.S. If you’re not interested in a guest post but wish to sponsor a post on our blog, feel free to email us at [owerrimobilephones@gmail.com]. We welcome your contributions as long as they are valuable to our primary audience of entrepreneurs and business owners. If you’re looking for any of the following, we’ve got you covered:

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